Mens Grooming

Every man feels on top form when they are groomed, pampered and relaxed.

Mens Grooming

Our Mens Grooming Treatments make everyone feel more confident and relaxed. Maybe start with a bespoke manicure or pedicure?  Or enjoy one of our destress back and shoulder massages?

We have a growing number of male clients who appreciate our laid back and down to earth atmosphere. Most of our treatments are suitable or can be adapted for male clients.

Dermalogica is a well known unisex brand and is versatile for use on all skin types.

Please Note

We do not do intimate male waxing and we operate a chaperone policy so that staff are not alone in the building with someone they don’t know. This means that if you are a new customer we may not be able to accommodate you at short notice.

Treatments Available

With the exception of intimate waxing, all of our treatments are available to men. We have listed some of the more common mens grooming treatments here, but if there is something more specific you require then please have a browse through our full range of treatments for that ultimate mens grooming session in Huddersfield.

Full Back Wax

This very popular treatment removes the hair using warm wax and strips resulting in smooth fresh skin.

45 Mins


Chest Waxing

The wax is warmed and then applied in a thin layer using a one-use-only spatula. A paper strip is then pressed onto the wax, and removed very quickly – leaving clean and fresh skin.

30 Mins


45 Mins


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